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Corner of Ainslie & Limestone Ave Braddon, Canberra ACT

Mercure Canberra has a plan for the future and has been implementing strategies for sustainable tourism for some time, in an effort to be more efficient and sustainably responsible.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater is harvested allowing us to use our fountains

Water Bore

Our water bore was installed in 2008. It provides water to the garden and laundry.

OTHER Water saving initiatives

Arctic Green Chemicals in our urinals saves us 900,000 litres of water per annum. 4-minute water timers are installed in our accommodation rooms along with water saving shower heads and flow restrictors on all taps.

Green energy gymnasium

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Is used throughout the hotel as well as energy-efficient air conditioning.


Paper, cardboard, bottle, toner cartridge recycling program. Use of 100% recycled paper. We recycle furniture and linen by donating to LOCAL charities

Environmental committee

In-house Environmental Committee